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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Can't keep away from Westleton

Thr 22 Oct - decided to do a walk around Westleton Common to look for any sign of defence works; the war diary for the 10 Cameronians mentions a garrison at Westleton and of the village being a defended locality. On one of the lanes leading upto Westleton (I think its called Clay Lane) came across a system of crawl trenches and weapons pits and on Westleton Common itself a few earthworks, so will need to go back and map at some date. I am sure the crawl trenches and weapons pit are genuine defence works as opposed to training, which I think some at nearby Westleton walks maybe. However best find of the day was at the site of the old windmill, as can be seen on these photos!

Right place at the right time

Wed 21 Oct - strong SE winds resulted in a large chunk of the beach at Thorpeness being washed away, revealing some interesting concrete. These turned out to be slabs with embedded iron lengths in them, protruding and angled up at one end. In total there were five of them. I'm sure they are obstacles to prevent German Invasion barges from landing. A good photo of what they would have looked like can be seen in East Anglia at War 1939-45 by D E Johnson. Today (Thur 22nd) they have again been covered by shingle so was lucky to be able to record them. They are however facing the wrong way, which is a bit of a mystery.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Westleton Walks

A set of mapped defence structures at this site. I am  uncertain if they are training or true defence works. This group consists of three destroyed concrete structures which match no known type of pillbox. Also an underground structure, one of two in the area. This structure surely could not have had any purpose in training? This may suggest that the associated weapons pits at least may have been dug to cover the anti-tank ditch. I have still yet to find any mention of this area in war diaries other than training. The answer is out there somewhere!

Also today, noted the trace of a weapons pit near Dower House (at least if I were on Westleton Walks that is what I would have recorded it as!)