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Monday, 5 April 2010

Somme Trip: Fri 26th Mar part 2

Well as promised the other pillboxes we have seen todate at Henencourt. The first image shows a twin embrasure pillbox. The next two are of a couple of straight forward square single embrasure pillboxes. The forth image shows a vickers machine gun pillbox, built into the Chateaux ground walls complete with a brick finish for camouflage. The next image shows the standard WW1 pillbox vickers mount inside this pillbox.
In addition, we also found two partially completed concrete works within the Chateaux ground walls - not sure if they refer to the partially completed pillbox mentioned in P Oldham's book. Unusually for me, did not take any photos!

I have also decided to tag onto this post a 'sub-post', entitled 'Siesta!'
This was inspired by an image in the German book 'An der Somme' published in 1918. First image is from the book. Second image is me in a feeble 'reconstruction' attempt! On a serious note, I will emphasise NO contact was made with the shell, hence the difference in camera angle - we took the photo at an angle that at least made it look like I was leaning on the shell! The large shell is one of three we found within 100 mtrs - fired by the same gun or a single battery salvo? In the background is the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing on the Somme.

Well that's about it - I will probably do one more post on the Somme - just some of my favourite photos from the trip, then its back to Suffolk Home Defences! On which, I managed a couple of hours at Westleton today, continuing mapping training earthworks. You've probably guessed it by now, found even more! I reckon I've mapped less than 25% of what exists here despite many visits.

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