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Thursday, 19 September 2013

WW2 Section Post - Dunwich

The second post with a trench theme, this time Second War. This trench can actually be tied into a position to be held by the 2/4 South Lancs Regt in 1940 in the Mount Pleasant area, Dunwich. I've known about it for a while but only just got round to mapping it. Wish I had done it sooner as it has now been filled with brash from the clearance of road side scrub, which made recording by tape and offsets very tricky! Hence the plan shown is not as accurate as it could have been, but I believe it is still an accurate representation. 

Above: Top the section post at Mount Pleasant from the 2/4 S Lancs War Diary. the green lines indicate rifle fire and the red line Bren gun fire. Middle and bottom - the trench today, full of brash!

The  trench system consists of communication trenches leading to various weapon-pits and also perhaps a section of fire trench. There are also two large pits in the vicinity, one perhaps connected to part of the trench system.

Above: Plan of the trench system

Also nearby is the remains of a brick structure, of which I have no idea of its purpose, but guess it is military.

Above: Remains of brick structure. Bottom image shows a meter ruler for scale.

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