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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Training seawall - 79th Armoured Div, Orford

It's been a while since I last did a post and I have a few things to write up from various trips out and about this year. The first is a visit made back in the spring to a section of remaining seawall constructed on the Orford Battle Training area for 79th Armoured Division. This particular seawall features in a well know photograph of a Churchill tank scaling the wall using  an ARC Mk 1.

Above: Well known image of a Churchill tank scaling a mock seawall on the Orford Battle Training area. 

Today the remaining section of seawall is largely overgrown but it is clearly identifiable as the one in the above image, with even some of the embedded wire pickets to support the barbed wire in the above photo still remaining along with remains of 2" scaffolding poles which made up the railings.

Above: Remains of the Orford seawall today. Note the barbed wire picket in image no 4 and the remains of the railing in image no 5.

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