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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Some more Somme Relics

The usual post on some of the more interesting items we came across by field walking during our March trip. As I've said before we don't metal detect and all explosives are left well alone!

German shell, Serre

Essex Regt Cap Badge, Serre - almost certainly belonging to someone from 2 Essex which were involved in the attack at Serre on 1st July

Hampshire Regt shoulder title, Beaumont Hamel. From the attack between Hamel and Beaumont Hamel on Sept 3rd, 1916

Pile of shells and Mills bombs plus a 3" Stoke Mortar round and a rifle grenade - Gueudecourt

British shell (4" ?), Gueudecourt with the Caribou in the distance

German trench mortar shell, Lesboeufs

German shell, Lesboeufs

Remains of British leather cartridge pouch, Gird Line, Gueuecourt

British 18 pdr HE with Bernafay and Trones Woods in the background

British 18 pdr shell, 3" stokes mortar and remains of British mess tin, Lonely Copse, Monchy le Preux

German shell, Rifle Trench, Monchy le Preux

German 'egg' grenade, Rifle trench area, Monchy le Preux

British HE shell, Observation Ridge, overlooking Battery Valley

British HE shell, Battery Valley

French rifle, with bayonet still attached, from the 1915 battles at Serre. It was not just the British that fought at the Somme!

Remains of German mess tin, Beaumont Hamel

British Mills bombs, Trones Wood - note the ring pull still in place on the nearest grenade

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