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Friday, 12 April 2013

Snow on the Somme!

The week before we travelled over to France, a storm struck northern France causing strong winds and snow. The strong winds caused most of the problems, resulting in snow drifts blocking many roads; the Somme, with its sunken roads, was especially hard hit. I must admit, we did think that we might have to cancel going over.

But news seemed to indicate things were getting back to normal by the time we travelled. However evidence of the storm was still to be seen, as these images show!!

Luckily for us the snow was not an issue, but had we gone a week earlier.......

Above: Mill Road, Thiepval. Last two images shows the road finally being opened.

Above: Top image - Beaumont-Hamel British Cemetery
Middle - one of the Redan Ridge cemeteries
Bottom - Thistle Dump Cemetery

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