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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Heacham and Hunstanton - Norfolk

A few days in Norfolk this last week allowed an opportunity to visit a few Second War sites, the subject of the next few posts. 

Many exits from the beaches on the north Norfolk Coast were planned to be covered by anti-tank guns mounted in pillboxes. Type 28's can be found at Holme, Brancaster and Weybourne for example. This post looks at two covering one of the beach exits at Heacham. In Suffolk no anti-tank gun pillboxes were constructed as part of the beach defences although 6 pounder anti-tank guns were mounted in a static role to cover the beaches and exits. 

A bridge crossing a ditch at Heacham south beach is covered by a Type 28 and Type 28a, with a spigot mortar also added. The bridge itself has anti-tank blocks to  allow a rail barrier to be put in place. The Type 28 is used today as a storage shed and has a locked door and embrasures blocked. The Type 28a is unusual   in that it has been modified so that there are separate entrances to the anti-tank gun chamber and infantry chamber.

Also included in this post is the Coast Guard lookout constructed pre First War but undoubtedly used as a lookout / observation post during the Second War. By its side is a small brick built naval type pillbox.

Image 1: View of the two pillboxes and bridge, south beach exit at Heacham
Image 2: Type 28 with Type 28a in the background. 
Image 3: Type 28 with spigot mortar 
Image 4: Type 28a. These differ from Type 28's by the addition of an infantry chamber with two embrasures for light machine guns.
Image 5: Interior of infantry chamber, Type 28a with the two lmg embrasures.
Image 6: Rear of Type 28a showing the modified design with separate entrances for the anti-tank gun chamber and infantry chamber.
Image 7: Wide embrasure for the two pounder anti-tank gun.
Image 8: One of the anti-tank blocks on the bridge, overlooked by the Type 28a pillbox.
Image 9: Bridge with anti-tank blocks.
Image 10 and 11: Coast Guard lookout and naval type pillbox, Hunstanton.

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