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Monday, 27 June 2011

Bawdsey Beach - a pillbox lost due to coastal erosion

It is fascinating to visit this beach each year as coastal erosion is so fast. I decided to spend today, the last of a few days off work, in this area, in the hope of a cool coastal breeze to find some relief from the sweltering heat if nothing else. I also wanted to check the beach for any other signs of anti-invasion defences exposed due to erosion (i.e. dragons teeth, scaffolding etc) but got more than I bargained for! 

The amount of beach lost in a year was quite amazing, taking with it a First War Pillbox that was several metres from the cliff top when I photographed it last May. This pillbox was incorporated into the Second War anti-invasion defences as two Turnbull mounts for light machine guns had been erected in its embrasures. There is a unique one-off designed Second War pillbox just to the south (a combined Type 22 and 23) - how much longer has this got?

Another pillbox, a Second War Type 22,  is fast becoming buried in shingle.

A lot more anti-boat scaffolding was in evidence on the beach, no doubt the remains of that still situated in shingle which I also photographed last May.

Also found what looks like a small iron cannon ball - possibly grapeshot dating from the Napoleonic era - well you never know, what with their being a Martello Tower nearby!

You can look up the full posts of this area last Apr/May on the blog for more pics of the beach as it was then!  

Image 1 & 2: Circular WW1 Pillbox that has sadly fallen off the cliff
Image 3: The same pillbox as above photographed in May 2010.
Image 4 & 5: Type 22 slowly becoming buried in shingle. 
Image 6: The same pillbox photographed in 2009 (note the chip off the roof if you don't believe me!)
Image 7: Remains of anti-boat scaffolding
Image 8: What I presume is the remains of the above scaffolding still situated in shingle in 2010.
Image 9: Unique example of a combined Type 22 & 23 but for how much longer?
Image 10: Napoleonic grapeshot??
Image 11: Some of the numerous swallows and martins breeding in the remains of pillboxes/coastal defence battery in this area!

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