Welcome to this blog which is intended to accompany a website on how Suffolk was defended during the Second War. The blog will describe my trips out and about looking for the remains of the Second War defences while the Website will concentrate on putting these into context.

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Saturday, 26 June 2010

TNA Visit

An incredibly successful visit to the TNA, with over 2,200 photos of documents taken on this visit alone, I have a substantial amount of updating to do!!!!. Now on my hard drive is every defence scheme of every battalion/brigade/division/11 corps that still exists from 1939-1942 in Suffolk (I think anyway!!)  plus numerous GHQ docs, Coastal Battery Fort Records, details on Eastern Command Line, details on training exercises, etc. Still many more docs to search though (e.g. Field Engineer Coy's, HAA, Diver sites, etc etc).
A power cut resulted in a free afternoon, a long walk along the river, and never missing an opportunity came across this pillbox from one of the inner London Defence Lines.

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