Welcome to this blog which is intended to accompany a website on how Suffolk was defended during the Second War. The blog will describe my trips out and about looking for the remains of the Second War defences while the Website will concentrate on putting these into context.

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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Walberswick Pillbox

Well, considering the name of the website, I guess it's about time for a pillbox photo. You have probably guessed by now the name of the website was to enable it to be found relatively easily on a google search. Anyway back to the pillbox. This is a Suffolk Square. What strikes me about Suffolk Squares is the slight differences that can be found. Some have blast walls only, some blast porches, some have an overhang roof, others not. This one shows a neat, almost looks like rendered finish to the embrasure area although close access was not possible to verify this; presumably the whole area is pre-cast concrete as opposed to just the embrasures. Nothing unusual about the slight variations (just look at for eg type 22's), presumably the variations arising due to different contractors used in the construction (the design was apparently 558 Field Co's but various contractors were used in the actual construction). This pillbox was part of the rear defences of Walberswick overlooking the Blyth Estuary. Hope tomorrow to post some details of section posts in the area (yes, more earthworks!) and also if all goes well some photos of nature conservation work benefiting WW2 remains!

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