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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Walberswick Common Section Posts

Mon 25th
I was keen to record a couple of section posts I'd found at Walberswick Common last summer before they became completely covered in bramble. Despite a detailed search of the area last year, I found a third post - don't know how I missed it!. Also nearby are two 6'x4' weapons pits and a V shaped weapons pit. The usual question comes up - training or defence? The first battalion to arrive in the area, 2/4th South Lancs did not have a platoon in the area, but 14 Platoon, 'C' Coy of the 10th Cameronians, who relived the South lancs, were in the general area. The section posts are clearly based on designs given in the 1925 and 1933 field work manuals. If the works are a genuine section post (as opposed to training), it would consist of a section locality with alternative positions prepared.
Top photo: plan of one of the section posts. The measurements of each post varies slightly but they are all more or less of the same dimensions. Also plan of 'V' shaped weapons-pit.
Top middle - map of posts
Bottom - photo of part of one of the posts - slowly becoming covered in bramble
Bottom photo - plan of section posts, 1933 Field Engineering 1933

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