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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Somme Oct 2012 - more unexploded shells!

This post is a summary of the unexploded shells and grenades, or often referred to as the 'Iron Harvest', that we came across on our latest trip to the Somme this Oct:

Above: German I think, not sure of the calibre

German 'Pineapple' Grenade, found near Pozieres

British 18 pdr HE - High Wood in background

British HE shell at High Wood, would give you local Rights Of Way Officer in the UK a bit of a panic!

German I think, not sure of calibre - Bazentin Ridge

A large shell on the Bazentin Ridge, we liked this one so hence three images!

British 18pdr HE, Sausage Valley

Large shell, not sure if British or German or calibre - Fricourt Wood

British 18pdr HE, near Casino Point

3" Stokes Mortar round, Strip Trench, Mametz Wood

British Mills Bomb, Tank Cemetery, Arras

Only two more posts to go on this Oct trip, hopefully to tie in with Nov 11th.

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