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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Eastern Command Line - Northern Extension: Part 1

Visiting family in Yorkshire again, I took the opportunity to stop off at a few pillboxes on the way. These are some of the pillboxes on the northern extension of the Eastern Command Line, which leaves G.H.Q Line East at Littleport to run up the Great  Ouse towards Downham Market where it then runs west along Pophams Eau. I only had time to visit a fraction of the defences remaining in this area, so further visits required in the future (although as most are in Norfolk must admit not high on the agenda!).

The first pillbox I cam across was a bullet proof Type 24 along the A1123 which was presumably  part of the outlying Cambridge defences / GHQ Line as it ran north of Cambridge along the River Cam.

Next up was a Type 28a pillbox for the 2 pounder anti-tank gun on the northern extension of the Eastern Command Line. It is located at Brandon Creek, just to the south of Southery. Note the screw pickets on the roof and the remains of a black finish on the roof to hide the shine form the concrete. I have no idea what the metal rods protruding from the inside of the embrasure where for.

Just a little further north up the road was this Shell proof Type 24.

Part 2 of this thread will look at some of the pillboxes on the northern extension of the Command Line in the Nordelph area.

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