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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Type 22 - Hulver Street

On the way up to Ashby HAA Site last Sun, stopped off at this Type 22 pillbox. It controls a crossing over the Hundred River - although not on a  Stop Line designated by 11 Corps, local commanders were expected to man the line Hundred River  from Benacre to Beccles.

This pillbox is one of several in the area that incorporates a lower level embrasure for the Boys anti-tank rifle. Although I must admit it is one of nicest pillboxes I've seen I cannot help but think it is one of the worst sited that I've seen. Its location is obvious and it would appear from the photo of the field of fire from the Boys anti-tank rifle embrasure, the pillbox was sited so that the rifle would engage enemy Armoured Fighting Vehicles  head on - i.e. at the point they were most strongly armoured! Jarvis (2002) has also pointed out another fault with this pillbox. Normally the Boys anti-tank rifle embrasure was offset to the main embrasure so that any riflemen manning the embrasure would not be shot in the shin (see the photo of the pillbox at Beccles). However in this pillbox it is directly in line with the main embrasure.

Image 1& 2: Pillbox at Hundred River Crossing; image 2 shows field of fire of Boys anti-tank rifle.
Image 3: Similar designed pillbox at Beccles but note offset lower embrasure.
Image 4: Boys anti-tank rifle (during pre war training)

Still though it is always nice to come across pillboxes such as this one, in a nice setting and in good condition.


  1. Area has been landscaped with the hill removed, that's why it seems very open

    1. Thanks for that - do you have any further details, would love to know if the pillbox was better 'concealed' by the landscape in 1940.

  2. You also missed out on an observer corp post just up the hill near the old helicopter base

    1. Thanks, another reason for a return visit!

  3. The area in front of the pill box was flattened about three yrs ago, before that it was hard to see from the bridge when approaching it.