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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Easton Wood Batttery

Well actually managed to use all my annual leave up this year - still a few days left after arriving back from the Somme. On Tue went back up to the Eastern Command Line (more on that later) but today went up to Covehithe in weather that was more like mid June! Ended up at The Warren, much WW2 activity in this area although most now long gone due to coastal erosion - but a pillbox does still survive (think I may have posted on it before).

Above: 'Suffolk Square' Pillbox, The Warren
Bottom two photos show Covehithe from The Warren

A quick look in the wood produced a pleasant surprise in the remains of what may have been the ablutions area of the Easton Wood Coastal Battery. Nothing much left except a drain manhole, a few bricks, broken pottery and some bottles but never the less still a fragment in the landscape surviving from WW2. It is worth noting I have found similar pottery and bottles at Diver sites - I must admit I have not checked the locations lists for any Diver Batteries in the area, lazy I know and often leads to misleading conclusions but the whole process of converting Cassini Grid References just takes so much time. Much easier to jump to the conclusion that these are the remains of the Coastal Battery as I know for definite that it was here!! 

Image 1:  Remains of the Battery on the beach
Image 2: Manhole
Image 3: Water cylinder - may or may not be from domestic site but I have found similar cylinders at other WW2 sites.
Image 4: Pipes protruding from the cliff top.
Image 5: Remains of concrete foundations to a hut / building
Image 7: Glazed brick
Image 8: Byrlcreem Bottle - probably  the most common bottle I find!

Next post will be back to The Somme - probably on the Boom Ravine area.

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