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Monday, 30 May 2011

Eastern Command Line - Lavenham Part 3

This post will look at some of the pillboxes which were designed for the Command Line. Already covered on the last two posts are a couple of the 6 pounder gun pillboxes, probably to design C.R.E 1116. The other two designs are C.R.E 1113 - a shell proof pillbox for a section with Bren gun, designed to be sited on the front line to command the anti-tank obstacle. The other  design is C.E.E 1094, a bullet proof pillbox for one section with a Bren gun, sited to cover the front line pots from attack from the rear by parachutists. 

Image 1-4: A shell proof pillbox, prob to design C.R.E 1113. Instead of the low level protected entrance, this one has a separate blast wall with embrasure.
Image 5: Another example of C.R.E 1113. This one has an 'L' shaped blast wall.
Image 6: An example of a bullet proof pillbox, prob to design C.R.E 1094.
Image 7: An anti-aircraft central well in a C.R.E 1094 pillbox. There are examples of both the shell proof and bullet proof pillbox with and without the central well although no indication in the surviving documents that they were designated a different design number.
Image 8: Interior of a C.R.E 1094
Image 9: Surviving permanent part of a rail block. The rails would have been blocked with a waggon block.

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