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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Trimley - Unique Suffolk Square Pillbox

The third and final post in the visit to Trimley a couple of weeks ago concerns what may be a unique surviving 'Suffolk Square' type pillbox. It's a typical 'Suffolk Square' with the exception of an open Anti-Aircraft chamber added on, much the same as a Type 23 pillbox.  It is bullet proof with walls of 1 ft 3 inches thick. Like all 'Suffolk Squares' it lacks an anti-ricochet wall. It's in good condition, especially the brick shuttering in the interior of the pillbox. Clearly visible is the word 'Coronet' - a quick search on the web revealed this is manufactured by Hanson Bricks Measham Works and if it is the same firm its still manufacturing bricks today.

Image 1 - 3: The exterior of the pillbox.
Image 4: The open AA chamber.
Image 5: Pre-cast rifle embrasure on the open AA chamber.
Image 6-7: Interior of the pillbox.
Image 8: Coronet Brick.

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