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Friday, 3 September 2010

Kilnsea and Spurn Point - part 2

Spurn Point was a key point to controlling access to Humber and as a result was given defences in both World Wars. Remains of defences at the fort that can still be seen still include pillboxes from both wars, and a 9.2 inch battery. The fort at the point was supplied by both road and small gauge railway - of which some evidence of blocks can still be seen.
Have finally found out what the unidentified structure in the last post is - a concrete redoubt (Murray's Post) dating from the First War. 
Image 1: Sockets for a vertical rail road block
Image 2: Massive road block which would have supported a rail slotted into two blocks with anti-tank cubes either side. No idea what the wire baskets filled with rocks are doing here! Presumably left over from some sea defence work.
Image 3 - 7: Some of the First War pillboxes
Image 8: Second War pillbox with beach searchlight emplacement on top
Image 9 - 10: 9.2" Coast Defence battery
Image 11 - 12: Engine room
Image 13: Entrance to Stanton Air Raid shelter

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