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Monday, 4 October 2010

Anti-tank blocks

If you follow Peter Hibbs blogs on Defence of East Sussex project, you will have seen his very informative post on a road block on the Royal Military Canal. This reminded me of some 'cones' I have come across at Minsmere, Westleton, Thorpeness and Rushmere Lodge, Friston. They are cast iron  filled with cement with a lid on top and I am wondering if they were intended to form part of a road block (similar to buoys).
The lid was wide rimmed and may have facilitated moving the cone into position. A 'true' buoy'  was rounded on the bottom - see the picture below taken from a GHQ memo on experiments with anti-tank obstacles, but these cast iron examples would have certainly served a similar purpose if they are actually road block obstacles. Unfortunately did not take any measurements at the time the pics were taken - will have to go back at some time and get these. On the down side, have not yet found any mention of these in Defence Schemes or actually matched them to a road block.
Good progress being made on second website (Civil Defence and Home Guard) - watch this space as they say!

Images 1 and 2: Concrete filled metal cones, Westleton
Image 3: Concrete filled  metal cone, Thorpeness
Image 4: 'Buoy' - from GHQ Experiments with anti-tank obstacles - The National Archives.

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