Welcome to this blog which is intended to accompany a website on how Suffolk was defended during the Second War. The blog will describe my trips out and about looking for the remains of the Second War defences while the Website will concentrate on putting these into context.

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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Westleton Walks

A set of mapped defence structures at this site. I am  uncertain if they are training or true defence works. This group consists of three destroyed concrete structures which match no known type of pillbox. Also an underground structure, one of two in the area. This structure surely could not have had any purpose in training? This may suggest that the associated weapons pits at least may have been dug to cover the anti-tank ditch. I have still yet to find any mention of this area in war diaries other than training. The answer is out there somewhere!

Also today, noted the trace of a weapons pit near Dower House (at least if I were on Westleton Walks that is what I would have recorded it as!)

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